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SXSW16 Podcast #2: Don’t Eat Hot Dogs

Day two at SXSW Interactive opens our discussion up to the ideas of “beneficience” and empathy, from neurobiology and tech in healthcare to the retail landscape. A key insight? Empathy plays a critical role in end-consumer buy-in – and part of that empathy comes from being transparent about the good and the bad with your audience, as a brand or business in any industry.

We also hit on socioemotive AI (hello, Jibo) and the need to transform user interfaces from single dimension to unbiased, fluid multi-tactile interfaces that support human engagement, not just utilitarian functions.

Also, tune in to find out why you shouldn’t eat hot dogs.

Check back tomorrow for Podcast #3, where we’ll talk about brand engagements, inspirations and pop-ups we’ve seen around SXSW.

Missed Episode #1? Listen here.