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Getting in Step with the ‘Ultimate Consumer’

The June 2017 issue of the Turnaround Management Association’s Journal of Corporate Renewal is focused on exploring the new toolbox for retailers during turbulent times. Our contribution to this issue is to dive in to the road map for success on the journey to Reinvention, including how to define your Category of One, and ultimately, how to achieve growth.

In the battle for the ultimate consumer’s heart, mind, and wallet, a select few are getting it right, winning strategic advantage, growing sales, and enhancing their ability to attract and retain employees. Others are learning the penalty for being out of step with the ultimate consumer. The lesson of the times is when businesses match what they offer and how they go to market with the desires of the ultimate consumer – when they figure out how to become the most relevant and powerful version of themselves in today’s context – success follows. But how does this happen efficiently? How does a company move from a state of slow or no growth, and interchangeability with its rivals, to unstoppable momentum and an unrivaled “category of one” position?

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