The reinventionists.

When you have a multidisciplinary team of right and left brain thinkers – all under one roof, amazing things happen.

  • Adam Wasserman

    Senior Digital Strategist

  • Alana Gavin

    VP, Research

  • Alex Wilson

    Research Consultant

  • Alexandra Swiech

    Director, HR & Office Services

  • Alice Luo

    Consultant, Mgmt. Consulting

  • Angela Wong

    Digital Designer

  • Anila Akram

    Manager, Mgmt. Consulting

  • Anthony Kubanin

    IT Support

  • Anthony Stechyson

    Audio/Visual Director, Editor

  • Ashley Kumar

    Administrative Support

  • Blair Klayman

    VP Strategy Activation

  • Caitlin Herold

    Consultant, Mgmt. Consulting