opened in 11 months
exceeded in same-store locations

Discount done right:
Redefining a category to win.

As the third-place player in the hard discount grocery category, Price Chopper faced an uncertain future. Leadership concluded that success would require rewriting the rules of the category (i.e., limited selection, marginal fresh offerings and a “suffer a lot to save a lot” customer experience). Jackman was engaged to help reinvent the brand and value proposition, ultimately winning with a compelling fresh-food experience for the value-seeking consumer, and a highly localized, culturally diverse product assortment as a meaningful differentiator.

Research, Insights & Management Consulting

While demand for lower-priced food was high, the chain wasn’t winning with price and was without any significant point of difference from its rivals. Working closely with the Price Chopper/Sobeys team, we identified what was important to discount and conventional shoppers beyond price, and where valuable white space existed. These insights led to a game-changing strategy, which we refined and brought to life using focus group feedback from a specially built lab store.

Brand Strategy & Design

Focused on winning with fresh and differentiating with a truly localized and ‘trade-up-at-a-price’ assortment, Jackman collaborated with leadership and Rethink, Sobey’s advertising agency partner, to reposition and rename the brand to create a truly fresh and uplifting discount grocery experience. The strategy for an unconventionally fresh discount supermarket, now called FreshCo, drove all customer-facing dimensions to embody the new “Fresher. Cheaper.” tagline. The new branding and colour palette was applied to store exteriors, interior signage, associate uniforms and shopping bags.

Store Design

Jackman worked with Sobeys’ internal design team and Rethink to reimagine how a discount food store could look and be shopped. Beginning with a unique “zone and flow” approach to store organization and a simple store design that emphasized more and better fresh food, culturally and locally relevant products, fresh breads and an expanded deli assortment, the team applied display inspiration from apparel and other non-food stores to maximize product impact and improve shop-ability for customers. We also constructed a secret lab store prior to launch to gain insights from customer focus groups in order to hone the design and prepare for rapid store fleet reinvention.

The whole thing was to make the design aesthetics of FreshCo look quite cool. Little things...made a huge difference.

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The Results

Speed was critical to the reinvention of Price Chopper as the new FreshCo brand. In just 11 months, 57 stores in the Ontario market were rebranded and renovated to deliver the new value proposition and customer experience, resulting in industry-leading share and comp store sales growth and dramatic improvements in brand perceptions and customer satisfaction.

Sobeys' replacement for the Price Chopper banner has impressed global grocery watchers.

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Interested in reinventing?

We helped to accelerate FreshCo's transformation in 80% of its store network, providing value without compromising on quality. To learn more about our work with FreshCo. or the Reinvention model, please send us a message.



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