Bringing speed, ease and new value to the car rental customer journey.

An iconic brand and a pioneer in auto rentals, Hertz saw its market share and profits being threatened. Jackman worked with Hertz to identify what customers want from their car rental experience. Together we defined their new brand mantra – Fastest. Easiest. Most valued. – and delivered it across 360° of the customer experience. New offerings such as Road Trip by Hertz and an expanded range of premium rental cars drove new value creation and amplified the reimagined brand.

Research & Insights

It was important to understand customers’ overall travel needs, not just their car rental needs. Through deep research, analytics and customer journey mapping, we identified those needs and key growth opportunities, and established our customer hierarchy. Speed, ease and value became central to our customer experience strategy, with the new brand mantra shaping 360° of touchpoints.

Management Consulting

Foundational analytics and a clear case for change helped us identify levers for performance improvement and market growth. We linked these to brand strategy and developed prioritized operational plans to drive performance and bring the new brand experience to life. We leveraged white space revealed in the customer journey map and established a new revenue stream.

Customers described their ideal rental experience as easy-to-spot value.

Brand Strategy

The 360° customer experience affected everything from the refined brand identity and environmental design to communications, team uniforms and new integrated technology. For speed and ease, we introduced kiosks and mobile apps for customers to bypass counter check-in. We elevated value perception by expanding Hertz’s premium fleet of cars and placing them prominently on display ramps at the store entrance, resulting in a significant increase in rentals.

Brand Design

We brought “Fastest. Easiest. Most Valued.” to life through a brighter, more energized yellow and the creation of what would soon become an iconic brand element, the ”Streamline,” which provided many opportunities for way-finding and storytelling. We subsequently developed a set of standards to ensure global consistency, and partnered with Hertz on its first sites around the world, and with its agencies on a complete global identity rollout.

Store Design

We challenged ourselves to make the store experience the fastest, easiest, and most valued of all car rental companies. Road Trip by Hertz is a retail store within Hertz locations, and an industry first. With a Jackman-curated product offering, recharging devices and an iPad kiosk station where customers can research the local area, check email or book a Hertz reservation, we made the experience more convenient than any other car rental experience. The Road Trip pilot locations hit their sales goals within six months, and more locations were added.

Digital Experience

Equating ease of use with value.

Integrating technology into the Hertz experience reinvented the service interaction. New digital kiosks allow time-crunched travellers to skip the check-in line, while iPads and charging stations in the Road Trip store provide comfort and convenience and keep customers connected. We also worked with Hertz and its digital agency to relaunch its website with an improved information architecture and UX design.

The Results

Customers responded: Hertz was named as the top overall and most popular car rental company in Zagat’s 2013/14 car rental survey, and voted “best” for self-service kiosk experience, business and leisure travel, airport rentals, car return experience and website. Hertz saw a significant increase in its premium fleet revenue, and success from the reinvented flagship stores propelled changes to Hertz locations in London, Shanghai and the world.

Hertz should be commended for getting out-front with the next-generation car rental location…much more than a place to pick up your car keys and get the hell out of there.

Dennis Schaal | Skift

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