Reinvigorating the drugstore with a mega-dose of “feel good.”

The Canadian drugstore channel was facing significant challenges, including government reforms, new market entries and increased competition. We worked with Rexall – a key player in the Canadian retail drugstore landscape – to develop a major repositioning of its business and customer experience. By helping craft a strategy focused on complete health, evolving the brand’s look and feel with a new identity and store design, and the creative development of its private-brand architecture, we gave Rexall a mega-dose of “feel good” innovation.

Research & Insights

Foundational analytics helped us to deeply understand the customer journey and current brand perceptions. We also identified six customer segments, based on needs and attitudes toward drugstores and, more broadly, on health and wellness. These insights unlocked opportunities within Rexall’s current business that ultimately aligned with the complete health experience strategy.

Management Consulting

The team conducted financial and performance analysis across the business, including private brand, store trade area, demographics, complementary health and loyalty effectiveness. We identified opportunities for growth across a wider spectrum of consumer health experience, and provided a full foundation of “facts and feelings” upon which strategy would be built.

'Goosebump moments' sprung from two realities: Canadians wanted to live healthier, beyond just the food they eat; and governments were turning to pharma-retailers to deliver more health care services.

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Brand Strategy & Design

Working with Rexall leadership, we developed a brand positioning platform for Rexall as the easier “path to healthier living,” and determined how every aspect of the value proposition and customer experience – from product assortment and service offering to store layout – would ladder up to the overarching brand mantra, “Easy to feel good. Every day. Every way.” The reinvented brand began with a new graphic identity, evolving the colour palette from a hard blue and orange to a calming “wellness blue” and adding a leaf motif to reflect the expansion into alternative medicines and treatment.

Store Design

The stores were designed with an intuitive flow, clearer zone definition and sightlines, and new strategy-reinforcing destinations for high-frequency items, such as a Grab ’n Go cooler for healthy food on the run and a “smart snacking” section within the Daily Living zone. New zones were added to celebrate an expanded homeopathic and naturopathic product offering, and the Pharmacy zone was redesigned to highlight connecting with health professionals and to enable more pharmacy services, with larger and more comfortable waiting areas.

Private Brand Strategy & Design

With five new private brands that supported Rexall’s new strategic direction, comprehensive brand guidelines and activation elements that amplified the new value proposition, we completely and quickly changed the customer’s view of what to expect from Rexall. The flagship exclusive-to-Rexall private brand, Be.better, exemplified Rexall’s new healthy living-focused brand positioning, with a cheery colour palette and items ranging from natural cleaning products to healthy snacks. Work included naming, identity and package design, and the creative development of marketing elements for the brand launch in conjunction with the Feel Good communications platform.


Working closely with Rexall’s Human Resources team, we helped to create real momentum within the business through the creation of events that cascaded strategy and introduced exciting developments, and reinforced that the “new Rexall” had arrived, through the redesign of the brand’s corporate offices, employee uniforms and internal communications collateral.

Marketing & Communications

The creative team at Jackman designed the new Feel Good magazine, which was distributed in all retail locations and as a 5M+ circulation newspaper insert. It featured editorial content such as Q&As with Rexall pharmacists and beauty advisors, features on health management and a dedicated section for the Be.better brand. Jackman also supported Rexall’s new website launch with concept design and content marketing direction.

The Results

Rexall now has brand momentum in the marketplace, and has experienced both same-store sales and share growth in the drugstore category, even as the category as a whole has shown decline. Reinvented stores have received positive feedback from customers, employees and the media, all reinforcing Rexall’s new position as a destination for wellness and healthy living. As an example of the brand’s new presence and momentum, Rexall’s flu shot campaign in Ontario saw the brand provide more than 200,000 flu shots – the equivalent of 80% share of all Ontario flu shots – from a much smaller store network than that of its larger rival.

Along with cosmetic changes is a deep focus on new and enhanced services, products and programs. Our new strategy really comes alive in the customer experience we’re creating new and in the years to come.

Former Rexall CEO Frank Scorpiniti | Drug Store News


We helped to Rexall to find new relevance and growth as a complete wellness destination. To learn more about how we collaborated to define the strategy, evolve the brand and execute on thoughtful store design, please send us a message.



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