At the corner of happy and healthy.

Facing new threats from mass and online competitors, an aging fleet of stores, inconsistent customer experience and low brand loyalty, Walgreens enlisted Jackman to help define a clear brand purpose and align customer experience. Over the ensuing years, we worked with Walgreens to reposition and refresh the brand, define and execute a new store model, build up America’s largest loyalty program, integrate the acquisition of Duane Reade and systematically create brand momentum and performance improvement.

Research & Insights

Using Walgreens’ existing customer segmentation and insights, and collaborating with internal groups on additional primary research, we gained a deep understanding of the drivers of Walgreens’ performance and of customer brand perceptions, and identified strategic white space and opportunities for growth. All together, this data provided a solid foundation for strategy development.

Management Consulting

In parallel with redefining the brand vision and overall strategy, we collaborated with internal teams on store format and category analytics to inform store evolution. Additionally, we provided frameworks and guidance for defining a roadmap to store fleet transformation. Jackman also collaborated with the Real Estate and Operational teams to cost-effectively scale key elements of the Well Experience store format for the existing store network.

Brand Strategy & Design

Collaborating with the senior executive leadership team, Jackman helped define a clear purpose for the brand: “Easy to get, stay, and live well.” We also established a customer-facing expression of the brand, “At the Corner of Happy & Healthy,” in collaboration with Walgreens’ internal creative team and agency partner, conceptualizing a very different 360° CX and a brand persona to create a destination for “Happy & Healthy.” Wellness was brought to the forefront by updating Walgreens’ historical red-and-white graphic identity with the addition of what we called “Well Blue,” and incorporating the new tagline across all brand touchpoints. We collaborated with internal creative and production resources to efficiently and cost-effectively refresh the brand presence over the course of several years.

Store Design

Our collaborative work on stores included zone and flow, fixture layout, departmental conceptualization, fixture concepts, in-store décor, signage and displays, and exterior architecture. The initiative included a complete reimagining of the pharmacy operation, in partnership with IDEO, and resulted in the award-winning Well Experience store, now the base format for all new Walgreens locations. With approximately 500 renovated stores currently in market (and growing), we amplified the rollout through the design and execution of 14 flagship stores across America.

The Well Experience

"With our ‘Well Experience’ concept...we are deliberately blurring [retail] channels." - Greg Wasson in Forbes

The Well Experience format is a brand-defining physical manifestation of Walgreens’ role as a partner in wellness and daily living. The format features an integrated health and wellness area with the pharmacist out in front of the counter to encourage customer interaction, enhanced beauty departments, fresh to-go foods, and online pickup kiosks and specialized senior home care zones in select stores.

Marketing & Communications

We supported Walgreens across all internal marketing initiatives, including content development and governance, as well as all customer-facing initiatives including promotional programs, loyalty launch, flyer and point-of-sale redesign, in close collaboration with Walgreens internal loyalty, marketing and design teams. Additionally, we led the search for the right agency to develop a new, brand-led creative platform for all communications, and collaborated with the successful candidate, GDS&M, to relaunch the brand with the At the Corner of Happy & Healthy campaign.


In addition to being named one of the most innovative companies in healthcare by Fast Company, since Walgreens’ reinvention, the brand has been named VMSD’s Retailer of the Year at IRDC 2014, for its Well Experience store design, and is widely recognized for its innovative growth strategy and commitment to wellness. During and after the reinvention, Walgreens’ stock price grew from the mid-teens to an all-time high of over $90 per share.

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