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Our Reinventions

Auto Balla heralded the reinvention of Hertz as more than “just a redesign; it signals the beginning of a new way...

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What We Do

Jackman is a creative management consulting and activation company focused on retail reinvention.

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Joe Jackman speaks about the changing role of private brands.

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Attention, retail reinventionists! Jackman is growing, and we’re looking for talent across a spectrum of disciplines.

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Strategy Meets Creativity

Our Story

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The Jackman story began when we asked ourselves two simple questions: “Why are business strategy and creative strategy done separately?” and “If brought together, would more powerful strategic action and accelerated value creation be the result?”

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The answers have inspired us to pioneer a process that is literally reinventing the way business strategy is created, and the way organizations are reinvigorated.

We work collaboratively with CEOs and their leadership teams through a rigorous process of balancing “facts and feelings”—customer and market data with creative insight and intuition—to define and articulate brand vision and strategy.

We then partner their resources with ours—an unprecedented mix of talent, including creative directors and management consultants, researchers and marketers, writers and customer-experience designers, analysts and activation managers—to activate all customer-facing touch points.

But what truly sets Jackman apart is our ability to assist leadership in rallying their organizations to embrace a new vision and way forward, and to inspire the zeal and confidence necessary to commit to the vision’s successful realization.

This is reinventing retail by reinventing strategy. Not an ivory-tower consultancy issuing recommendations rooted only in rationality, but an integrated partner helping leaders inspire and align their organizations, and then making the journey, side by side, throughout successful implementation.

Focused, highly differentiated brands capture the imagination of consumers.

Generate momentum. Realize results.

What We Do

reinvent retail reinvention

We are retail “reinventionists”—partners in helping companies become the most powerful versions of themselves. Together, we establish a rigorous fact foundation, answer core strategic questions, identify growth opportunities, and then define the way to a stronger brand and company.

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It sounds simple enough. But we know that creating stronger customer-facing value propositions and customer experiences across touch points is complex.

That’s why we combine five normally discrete areas of expertise—Research and Insights, Management Consulting, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Creative Design, and Activation—into an integrated offering that is infinitely more efficient and simpler to manage than dealing with multiple advisors with often competing methodologies.

Jackman has, under one roof, the purpose-built process, skills, experience and culture to collaboratively define and align “all” customer-facing elements.

We also put “skin in the game.” As committed partners, we invest a portion of our fees as equity in the outcome. Our success is tied to the value we help to create and is aligned to the success of leadership and other stakeholders.

Why business owners and CEOs hire Jackman:
certainty of outcome and speed to value creation
diversity of talent and depth of experience across categories
proven process and partnership model
collaborative culture

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“Without bold leadership, reinvention isn’t possible.”
- Joe Jackman

“If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less.”
- General Eric Shinseki

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